90-Year-Old Figure Skater Pulls Off Performance That Left Everyone Speechless

Skating is the process of self-propulsion with the help of metal ice skates to glide over the ice sheet. We have witnessed many talents get down on the rink and display a comprehensive number of flips and twirls. There are times when a seasoned young skater can quickly end up losing their game.

It’s all about balance and maintaining a composure that blends well with the routine. Age, whereas in the refined sports category is just a number. Don’t believe me, meet Yvonne Dowlen, she is a 90-year old female skater. She is not what you imagine a ninety-year-old would look like or even behave in that way. Yvonne devoted her life to this extreme sport, and it paid back.

The skater is capable of putting you on the edge of the seats with her phenomenal strikes one after another. Like every other professional, she begins with a story. Within the performance, she slowly seeps into a range of moves. As she comes to an end, Yvonne finishes her act with a huge smile. She deserves every applause coming her way.

Please press play and enjoy this amazing video.

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