Bus Driver Comforts Scared Little Boy on First Day of School – Picture of It Goes Viral

The first day of school can be nerve-wracking for both the parents and the child. Especially when the child is stepping for the first time in a school. For many, the journey begins after hopping on the school bus. Though the vehicle may not look scary afar, kids can get easily horrified of making the initial steps given the situation.

Luckily for one family from Wisconsin, the driver was there to save the day. On the first day of school, Amy Johnson took her son Axel to the bus stop. Once the vehicle arrived, it was time to say goodbye. Then the fear set in; Axel was horrified to get on the school bus.

Axel clung tightly to his mom as she lifted him on the bus. Bus driver Isabel Lane immediately tried to ease the fright with few kind words. “Buddy, you got this and will have so much fun”. Even after the interaction, Alex didn’t leave the hold of his mother. That’s when Lane took action and hold the boy’s hand. Mom snapped a picture of it–see what happened after that in the video.

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