Dolly Parton, the name has earned fame and recognition not just in the country genre but the overall music industry. With her signature makeup look and shiny blonde hair, the songwriter rose to fame in the late sixties. She enjoyed a solo music career as well as singing in many duets.

Dolly became a sensation, with more than twenty songs ranking on the top of Biliborads musicals. Her platinum records were being sold out one after another. The singer has been able to achieve nine Grammy Awards and seven Academy of Country Music Awards. Not just that, Dolly has three American Music Awards tucked under her belt. Such excelling accomplishments earned her the deserving title in the County Music Hall of Fame. Moreover, she made a significant donation to the COVID-19 vaccine research program.

I mean, the woman is a national treasure. Hence it comes as no surprise she is a celebrated figure in the show-biz. Many pay her the tribute she deserves. One of such memorable homages was given by Jenniffer Nettles with a renowned American acapella group. Pentatonix and Jennifer joined the 50th Academy of Country Music Awards stage to sing the title track from Dolly’s album thirteenth solo studio album. You must know the song by now it’s “Jolene.”

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