When Dolly Parton & Carol Burnett Performed Together, They Did Not Expect a Little Boy to Join Them

In 1977, Grand Ol’ Opry gave the audience an incredible performance. It was a massive treat for comedy and music lovers alike. Carol Burnett joined hands with country queen Dolly Parton for a hysterical song called “No One Picks Like a Nashville Picker Picks”. The show also had some unexpected surprises along the way and they don’t disappoint.

I really can’t get enough of the hilarious Carol Burnett and with this, she proves that she can blend in well with country music too. And I love how Dolly can banter along so hysterically. These women have great chemistry and their performance is unforgettable! The best part happens when a little boy named Louis approaches the stage!


Watch this amazing performance below and let us know if you enjoyed it via your comments!

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