After Plane Gets Delayed, Woman Snaps Tearful Photos of Crew’s Actions Towards Passenger

The jobs that require close contact with humans demand a lot of supportive skills. Let’s be honest. We are not perfect and tend to fuss a lot at times. And the employee on the other side has to de-escalate the situation while staying calm at the same time. It’s not an easy job. After all, they are human.

A similar story is taking the internet by the storm. The viewers are hailing the airline crew as a hero. Over the past years, the demand for air travel has increased tremendously, but the airline has not similarly matched the supply. Hence, flight delays have been a common and recurring issue. Although partly the delays are resulted due to bad weather.

Kristen Wiley, however, was stuck in the jumbo jet at the Seattle-Tacoma airport for entirely different reasons. The Alaska Airlines Flight 748 was 45 minutes behind schedule. Few minutes into the delay, a guard boarded the plane and approached a passenger. It turns out a woman who has dementia was unable to handle the chaos. The crew escorted both the husband and wife out of the plane. The woman wanted a little time alone with her husband to cope with the situation.

In the meantime, the members were compassionate about the situation offering every possible help.

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