25-year-old With Brain Cancer Passes Away – Just Minutes Later, So Does His Beloved Dog

A parakeet is a type of bird that dies right after their partner’s demise. Needless to say, this is a touching moment for someone to experience.

Today we have a similar story of Stuart and Nero. At the very tender age of 18, Stuart was diagnosed with brain cancer. He was planning for college, but the dream was cut short due to a differential diagnosis. Soon he was lying in the hospital bed for chemotherapy.

The doctors made great efforts to cure cancer, but it was already too late. As the spread had reached to his bones. His journey was numbered, and the excruciating pain was his nemesis. However, his pet Nero stayed around him all the time. It was like he knew the suffering and was trying to heal the pain.

Stuart even married at the age of 20 to his highschool sweetheart. But his health was deteriorating. And soon enough, he faced the inevitable end. The man passed away, and Nero was inconsolable. He looked ill and wasn’t walking properly.

On top of that, the canine companion wept and wailed. Sadly, within 15 minutes, Nero died too. Please show some love for them in the feed.

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