This Dog Can’t Contain His Happiness Seeing His Human Sister Walk For The First Time

Dogs are the loveliest pets we could have ever asked for. According to several types of research, they experience all the basic emotions such as joy, fear, anger, etc., and also a bunch of complex emotions like guilt, pride, and shame.

Maya and Abby had been friends since they first met. Maya was born with cerebral palsy, while Abby, the dog, was born without her right front paw. It was as though they were a perfect family.

This dynamic duo always understood each other and was able to face their life’s problems knowing that they could rely on one other for support!

And when Maya was four years old and ready to take her first steps, Abby was right there to enjoy the moment. She was ecstatic about her human sibling and it showed on her face! Watch this heartwarming video and share your feelings with us in the comment section below.

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