Groom Stops Wedding and Admits He Loves Someone Else — Points to a Guest and Makes His Bride Cry

It’s reasonable to be nervous on your wedding day; we’re all nervous. Some people are better at hiding it than others, but no matter how hard they deny it, every bride feels nervous.

This is the marriage story of Jessica and Jefferson. On their wedding day, Jefferson pledged his life to both Jessica and her daughter, Giovanna. The little daughter is overjoyed when she receives vows from her new daddy.

Jefferson turned to Giovanna after reading the vows he’d penned for Jessica. 
He made it plain that he was smitten not only with Jennifer but also with “Gi.” 
And he was dedicated to both of them for the rest of his life.

Giovanna, who is eight years old, is Jessica’s daughter and seeing her mother marry the love of her life is one of the most crucial events in her life thus far. Now when Jefferson knelt in front of the small girl and listed all of the qualities that made her so special, the baby daughter was all over the moon.

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