Dog Grabs Toddler by Her Diaper – Parents Are Mortified Until They Realize the Dog Saved Her

While dogs are the best choice for pets, it can be a little difficult sometimes, especially when you have small kids at home. Most dogs are great with people of all ages. However, some dogs hate kids and are too jealous of them. So, it’s better to be aware of it beforehand.

That was precisely the concern for the Svilicics when they were in the process of adopting Khan, a Doberman. They had a little daughter named Charlotte, and their biggest concern while adopting Khan was whether he’d get along with their daughter. But after carefully allowing Khan and Charlotte to get along, everything was going well. Until one day, Charlotte’s mom saw something horrifying.

dog saves kid from snake

She saw her daughter screaming in horror and the dog barking frantically. As she was watching from the window, she saw Khan push Charlotte away. And when she tried running, Khan suddenly grabbed Charlotte by the diaper and threw her off. So, the mother rushed to get her daughter out of the situation. But when she got outside, she was stunned at what she saw.

Charlotte’s mom thought that Khan was aggressive, but in reality, he was protecting the little girl from a venomous snake. Khan saw a snake approaching the kid ad instantly recognized the threat. So he did what he had to, to protect Charlotte. And in the process, he ended up hurt after the snake bit him instead.

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