Kind dog finds a bird trapped and saves her life

As Pyrenees-Labrador mix dogs are said to be naturally gentle giants, Dean and Jennifer Ahlberg, can proudly attest to that with quite a charming story of one of their own.
As known to be a kindhearted dog, Gus has always been protective and ready to offer assistance to anyone who needs a helping paw.

Gus, together with his Great Pyrenees brother Jed, loves fun outside activities and playing under the sun more than anything. His parents, Dean and Jennifer, owns a screened porch and basically made a habit of leaving the door open at all times to allow Gus, his brother, and their other furry friends to enter through the backyard as much as they like.

To some disadvantage, the same goes for other animals. In this case, wandering birds that are occasionally curious goes through the windows and get trapped inside the porch.

“For some time now, we’ve been experiencing birds flying and getting caught in on the porch,” Ahlberg wrote on her YouTube video. “Gus has always been skilled at the gentle catch and release!”

Jennifer was utterly amazed as to what she has witnessed. The next time it happened, she decided to record a video of this little act of kindness and posted it up on YouTube.
The video of Gus’ little stunt instantly went viral with 100,000 views. People were touched with his bird-encounter that is said to be a real act of kindness.

Gus is perfectly aware that the birds are not playthings, but instead, they are creatures in need of rescuing. With his special retriever traits, he gently scooped the bird into his mouth and carried it outside without harming a single feather.

Ahlberg told The Dodo, “With the first incident of a bird trapped on the porch, I didn’t get to see it until I had already opened the door. Gus rushed out, caught the bird, and went outside with it. Thinking that he would eventually drop the bird, I followed him out just to check. When he softly placed the bird on the grass, and it flew away with its wings intact and not a bit hurt, I was completely stunned.”

He roamed aimlessly on the porch and accidentally found a tiny little bird struggling to be free. The bird became frantic when it saw that Gus was making his way to it.
Fortunately, Gus knew exactly how to handle the situation, As Jennifer said that she now leaves the bird catching to Gus alone.

Ahlberg said, “With the same result, this has been recurring for some years now. I leave the rescuing part to him rather than trying to catch the birds myself. I’ve witnessed Gus being much more capable and careful with them than I am.”

As Gus carefully lays the bird on the outside, it gave a small chirp of happiness– a sign of appreciation towards Gus, as it flew away into the morning sky.

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