Jerk Tries To Kick A Poor Dog For No Reason But Gets What He Deserves

Karma is a bitch, and she bites notably hard. This guy from Russia got exactly what he deserved and Oh Boy! It hurts. On Sverdlovsk region, Russia, this hilariously drunk guy had a rendezvous with an innocent dog. He was hobbling on the road covered in snow. As he passes by, a curious dog approached him and tried to smell or greet him. Sadly, the dog did not get a warm welcome in return.

This man stopped and aimed his feet to the poor pooch. Luckily, the dog missed the kick by a few inches and was not hurt. But, I can’t say the same to the abuser. In his flight down, he lost his balance and slipped in the snow. And his pretty face landed straight into the bumper of a parked vehicle. The man quickly stood up after the fall and walked past the scene, shrugging and grabbing his head in pain.

Source: Youtube

This caused the vehicle alarm to go off, probably alarming the owners of the house. So, they checked the security footage only to stumble upon this hilarious incident.

Thus, always remember any harm you do to an innocent soul, it won’t go unnoticed. If nobody else, karma knows how to give a taste of your own medicine. Watch the full video here:

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