Starving Dog Covered With Filth and Feces After Being Locked In Dungeon For Years

Dogs are very loving, adorable, and loyal animals. In fact, they’re known as a man’s best friend. But sad to say not all dog owners treat their pets in a good way. There are times that they are hurting them physically. What’s more, some owners put their dogs inside a cage without feeding them for a couple of days or even a week.

Recently, news about a dog who is locked up in the basement and covered in feces and filth has been released.

Victor Larkhill together with his team found a dog named Tobey in a filthy and dark cell. In point of fact, the area was filled with the strong smell of decay and death as well as the acid air burned in the eyes of the rescuers.

The dog, on the other hand, shivered irrepressibly in pain and fear because Toby was locked in there and left to have nothing to eat for a long period of time.

As the rescuers lifted up the dog, they noticed the Toby had broken bone which had set him over time because of the lack of medical attention. Aside from the broken bone, Toby was missing fur in various places as well as had contagious mange and other nauseating bruises.

Photo from Viktor Larkhill’s YouTube

After the rescue operation, the dog got a long due series of medications at the vet. However, as the weeks passed by, unluckily, Tobe was having a hard time standing. By this time, they have found out that Leishmaniasis was completely damaged the left leg joint of the dog. As a result, poor animal had to undergo a surgery that is quite painful so that it can walk again.

As the dog received adoration from the people who rescued him, Toby’s trauma from an extreme deprivation faded away gradually. One more thing his missing fur starts to grow back healthy. Moreover, Toby started blossoming into a beautiful dog.

At this moment, the dog is almost unrecognizable. As a matter of fact, Toby’s eyes are no longer haunted and sad, instead, they are loaded with an inspiration of life. As you see the new Toby, one thing is for sure, your heart will jump in joy.

Photo from Viktor Larkhill’s YouTube

Either way, it distresses us to think the person who locked up the dog in the basement is still out there enjoying his/her life as if he/she didn’t do something bad.

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.

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