This Pooch Hates Taking a Shower, and Starts Whining Like Crazy During Bathe Time

Dogs always have mixed opinions about their water body preferences. Some dogs love going for a swim while others hate the very idea. And this adorable husky falls in the latter one. It looks like this pooch is allergic to the concept of taking a “shower.” Even talking about it scares him to the core.

In this video, mom asks her beloved husky that it’s time for his bathe. Then he immediately responds by howling and laying flat on the ground. When mom says, ‘You stink, you dirty,’ he starts howling loudly. And it feels like he is trying to say ‘I am not.’ He does not want to be called a sticky boy! No matter how much poor mom tries, he just won’t have it. He protests relentlessly on mom’s request.

Husky’s are well known for speaking their minds, and this pooch is no exception. He is a big “cry baby” when it comes to showering, and he does not hesitate to express his feelings. It’s hilarious to see how a simple thing like taking a shower scares the living daylight of this cute. I couldn’t stop laughing as he attempts to flee and cause a lot of whining. Check out this video:

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