What to do with the dog when you’re on vacation? Boarding in a kennel or maybe a dog sitter?  Here’s a dog who didn’t agree with the family choice, so he made his own path.

Dexter’s owners went away on a week-long vacation in Las Vegas and left him with a sitter near their home in Kansas. Imagine their surprise on the third night when they get a  phone notification that someone is at their doorbell and the camera footage shows it’s Dexter!

Dexter was obviously determined to get home: it was two miles away and took him 90 minutes. Also, to get out of the doggie day care facility, “there’s a six-foot fence he would have had to get over,” the owner said.

And to top it off, Dexter rang the doorbell when he got home! Watch the full video below and tell us in the comments how you like Dexter’s ingenuity.

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