Dog Crawls Under Mechanic Dad’s Car to Give Him the Biggest Cuddle

This pup literally crawled beneath the car and did it. So heartwarming.

This is something that makes my day all the more happy and fun. Also, why is this so cute? I have never seen something as wholesome and cute as this one. I love this video so much. I mean, I have never seen a puppy that is so obsessed with cuddles. I love cuddles too and I hope my puppy cuddles with me when I adopt one someday.

Yes, this is a real video. Also, the baby doggie is just so cute. It took me only one chance to fall in love with this video and I fell in love with the puppy in every way possible. Also, the pup is just so cute and wholesome. The way he hugs the mechanic and cuddles while he works is everything.

So heartwarming. Watch the full video below!

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