Dog Filmed Running After Man Who Abandoned Him at Shelter Finds a New Family

The Corona Virus panic has given birth to a lot of hoaxes. One of the biggest misconceptions is that our pets can transfer this virus to us. However, according to the World Health Organization, that is simply not true. Unfortunately, some people have abandoned their pets due to the pandemic. And this is one of those tragic cases.

A security camera footage of a man dropping off a dog in front of Hawkins County Humane Society, Tennessee has gone viral. Moreover, the man came in on a Saturday afternoon, and after realizing the shelter was shut due to quarantine, he left the Blue Heeler outside. But the dog, Rawhide, was still following the man. Even when the man gets to his truck and drives by, the dog chases after the car!

rawhide chasing truck

The dog was still chasing the man on the highway. Luckily, the staff at the shelter saw what was happening and ran to the road to get the dog. After the clip was released, there was an outpour of support. Taylor Helton saw the video and instantly fell in love with the dog. Furthermore, she went to the shelter for two weeks before finally adopting him and taking Toby to her farm. Now, the sweet dog is happy as ever! Watch the video below:

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