Little Dog Hilariously Joyful Getting to Be on Bed for the First Time

There are a lot of dog breeds, each with distinct characteristics. It’s fascinating how one species can have so much variety! On the same note, the Dachshund is a dog breed with a long body and short legs. Thus, they are even known as sausage dogs! Moreover, they are so energetic and love to have a good time. And this little pupper sure did when she got a chance to climb up her parent’s bed!

Historically, the Dachshund was a breed of preference for hunters. They have an incredible sense of smell, which helped to burrow underground to find rabbits and small animals. This explains why Pepper, the pooch in the video, is so lively! Moreover, you may relate this information with how the adorable pup acts when she’s on top of the mattress!

pepper on bed

When she thinks no one is looking, Pepper hops on to the bed. As soon as she does, she starts frolicking and running in circles. The pooch goes wild! In another instance, Pepper’s friends join her in bed. You can see a cat’s tail poking out behind the pillow, while another large pooch wags its tails. Furthermore, her canine sibling joins Pepper in bed with a toy raccoon and enjoys the adorable ruckus that the sausage dog is throwing! Watch the funny video below:

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