It’s hard to keep an eye on your pets at all times. One moment they’re with you, but when you turn around, they’re in some other corner making some mischief. And you don’t know what they’re up to when you leave them alone.  So, when this woman came back home, she was surprised to see what her pet pony was doing.

While coming back home from McDonald’s, a woman decided to see what her pet pony Cricket was doing. But she’d never imagined she would catch this footage. It was a dog riding the pony late at night.

dog caught riding pony

The woman can’t stop laughing as her neighbor’s dog is patiently sitting on top of Cricket, who is blind in one eye. As she pulls up the driveway, the car light startled the two best friends.

When she starts filming, both the dog and the pony are in position. And even after seeing the light, camera, and people around, they don’t hesitate. Instead, they walk away with the dog still on the back of the pony. And the woman filming the entire thing is breaking down laughing.

WATCH the hilarious video below.

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