Heartbreaking Moment of Dog Standing at Casket to Say Last Goodbye to Owner Is Going Viral

Facing the death of a closed one is never really easy. The grief that follows paralyzes you both emotionally and physically makes you a whole new person. The same goes for your pet, too, it seems.

Sadie is a lovely household dog, was the daddy’s little girl. During the early age of 13, a tragedy strike on the Beaulieu family. When Julia’s husband died of a sudden heart attack. The sorrow filled the hearts of the house and everyone residing in it.

Our lovely Sadie stopped eating altogether, losing 10 pounds in a week. The grief was overwhelming to everyone. She would often stare at the window, waiting for his arrival. It was devasting for Julia to watch the whole ordeal her dog was experiencing. She was trying every solution possible. Right around the funereal time, the widow came up with a plan.

A perfect closure was the only way out of the misery towards the new beginning. Usually, dogs are not part of the standard procedure. But Sadie wasn’t your regular canine companion. While the family members were saying their goodbyes.

The CEO of the funeral home freeze the healing process on a photo. Please take a look at the enchanting story down below. And do share your afterthoughts in the feed.

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