Baby was Sleeping in Crib but When Mom Looked in, Someone Else Had Joined Her

Dogs always find a way to surprise you when you least expect it. Sometimes they might chew up your glasses, or hide your wedding ring in their stomach, or maybe tear up that important project you have been working on.

But not all surprises are unpleasant. The following video shares with us a beautiful moment between a dog and his human sister.

When mom looked everywhere around the house for her dog, she didn’t have any luck spotting him. But when she went close to her daughter’s crib, she was met with a pleasant surprise. Her rescue pup was snuggled under the covers with her toddler and it is so freaking adorable!

She wrote on her Facebook, “People that say ‘money can’t buy happiness’ have never paid an adoption fee. 10 years ago I left a rescue with this little guy and I often wonder…who rescued who? I gave him a home, but he gave me so, so much more.”

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