German Shepherd was asleep in the back seat, until she heard her favorite song

Dogs are very social creatures. They love hanging out with their family and friends, and they love being a part of whatever they are doing. They are also very funny and entertaining.

They do the silliest things, which then eventually crack us up. Just take a look at this video below for an example. The clip features a beautiful Shiloh Shepherd called Lola. And Lola is about to leave you in stitches!

The pooch was out on a road trip with her owner, Annie. That’s when her mom started playing “We Are The Champions” by Queen. Annie starts singing along to the song, and when Lola hears her, she just can’t hold back! The way she carried out the chorus is still cracking me up! She might not know the words, but it’s her enthusiasm that counts!

Watch this adorable clip below! Did Lola make you smile? Let us know in the comments!

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