Doctor With Cancer Lifts the World’s Spirits Dancing to Beyoncé Before Double Mastectomy

Doctors are people with one of the most critical jobs in the world. Moreover, they give hope to millions of people who got through a severe health crisis. But what happens if a doctor has a life-threatening illness? This particular medical practitioner and cancer patient had to have a procedure that would determine life or death. So, she danced in the face of fear!

There is always a risk when someone has to go under the knife. Moreover, several things can go wrong during the procedure with grave consequences. So, it’s natural that you would feel fear before the operation. However, there is no accomplishment in letting fear win. This is what made Deborah Cohan, MD, dance to Beyonce before her double mastectomy procedure.

dr deb dances

The diagnosis of breast cancer was a complete shock to the otherwise healthy physician. But she decided early on that she would not let fear overcome her. Moreover, after posting her inspiring video online, it went viral!

In the video, you can see the doctor in a medical gown getting down to “Get Me Bodied.” Furthermore, she dances for 6 minutes straight, lifting the spirits of the whole room and herself before her life-altering procedure. Watch the incredible video below:

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