Look-alike Athletes Test DNA to See if They’re Related – The Result is Mind-blowing

They say around the world, amongst seven billion people, seven people have a face like yours. It sounds strange, but it is also fascinating to know that there are people who look somewhat similar to you.

But the story of these two look-alikes is a little insane. At first glance, these two men in the video look like someone placed a mirror in between them. Everything about them indicates that they might be long-lost twin brothers. They’re both athletes with red hair and beard and wear glasses. But what’s stranger is the fact that both of their names are Brady Feigl.

men that look similar

It was strange as it is for the two of them. So, they decide to bring an end to this confusion. Both the Bradys choose to take a DNA test to find out if they were related. And the result is shocking.

WATCH what they find out after they take the DNA test in the video below.

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