Woman Calls Deer to Her Doorstep , Watch When They Hear Her Voice

It’s not every day that you get to experience wildlife right in front of your doorstep. People take trips to the woods to be around the wild. But for this woman, the wild comes right in front of her house.

Cheyenne has a unique talent. You can call her “The Deer Whisperer,” because whenever she calls, the deers come running to her front yard. And she is more than happy to feed the wild animals.

woman feeds deers

According to her husband, Cheyenne has been feeding deer for years. Every winter, the deers come to their house, and she feeds them. Cheyenne calls them like a proud mama, and the deers would come running and surround her.

A lot of people have criticized Cheyenne and her husband for feeding the deers. But for Cheyenne, nothing gives her satisfaction than feeding the deers. She has even given out names to a few of them. And two of the deers also come up to the window to get their treats.

WATCH the adorable video below.

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