Diver Doesn’t Understand What This Gentle Giant Wants – Until It Grabs His Hand

According to the Nature Conservancy, the whale shark is the biggest species of fish in existence. Just imagine how incredible it would be to meet them face to face while diving underwater. The video below shows a whale shark approach a human diver deep below sea. The man was expecting it to glide past like they usually do, but this particular shark tugged on his hand.

He guy was obviously confused. He was also a bit concerned for his team. He didn’t know what to think. Then the shark let go of his hand just as quickly as he had taken it. When the gentle giant moved past him, he saw a big commercial fishing rope wrapped around its body, cutting into its fins. So the diver took out a flip knife and started cutting the rope immediately.

He managed to cut the rope within a minute, but looking at the animal’s skin and the loosened rope, the divers figured out that the rope had been on the shark for a very long time. It was almost two inches thick and appeared as though it had been there for several years.

The whale shark is a massive creature, but it does not attack human beings unless it is provoked or protecting its young. Check out the video below!

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