Hungry German Shepherd won’t steal food from her little sister’s bowl

When you have a dog in the house, everything seems a little better. They fill your home with laughter and love, and are so loyal to you! All they ask in return is love, playtime and a few treats. If you have a dog, or have been around dogs for a long time, you know how motivated they can be for a few treats! They go crazy for food and don’t hesitate in scarfing down anything edible before them.

But with anything, there are exceptions. It is a good idea to train your dog to be disciplined with food. This makes them easier to control, and this is why they realize that you wear the pants around the house. It is especially necessary for bigger breeds to understand this. The German Shepherd in the following video is a perfect example of a well-behaved dog. You won’t believe what she does during his mealtime!

When it was time for his meal, this German Shepherd stay vey calm. There is no excited jumping or barking at all. This man had two dogs in the house, and the Shepherd seemed to be the bigger of the two. It didn’t take a lot of time for him to finish his food! Despite that, she didn’t try to steal from his little sister’s bowl. This pooch has a lot of self- control in him! Isn’t that amazing?

Check out the full video below:
[ytvid id= “wNYsxhS2fh0”]

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