Diner Gives Homeless Woman Food Scraps, Then Changes Her Mind and Does This

Homelessness is a major problem all around the world. People don’t get the food and shelter they need while also being ill-treated by people around them.

Likewise, holidays can be the happiest seasons for most of us. Sadly, not many people get to enjoy the season as we do. One such incident took place when a diner saw a homeless woman beg for food. It was the festive season and they had leftovers to offer to the woman.

But, as Carmen from the diner gave the woman the leftovers, things didn’t feel right. Instead, she offered her an entire hot meal. The homeless woman was more than grateful. The two women even shared an emotional moment together.

So, if you can, make sure you give the homeless food as even the smallest action can make their entire day.

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