Deaf Dog Is Caught Off Guard When She Spots Her Soldier Dad Coming Toward Her

Having a pet comes with a lot of responsibilities, apart from feeding, bathing, and playing with them. You also need to find a reliable sitter when you are not around. Especially if you are training to serve the country.

Quite similar was the case of this soldier who had to leave his deaf Terrier mix canine while he went away for an Army training mission. During his absence, a close friend agreed to look after Noelle. Due to the dog’s condition, he needed extra care. Thankfully the friend looking after the canine was skilled for the job.

Every weekend he volunteered at the pet adoption events. He took Noelle with him every time. One weekend, the sitter took Noelle to an adoption event, “PetSmart.” The adorable canine had no idea who was coming to visit him. It was none other than her dad. Although Noelle couldn’t hear him, she definitely could see him. Her off-guard reaction is priceless. Please press play and enjoy the video.

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