3 Brothers Crash This Little Sister’s Dancing Routine Now Watch Her Next Move

Everyone around the world is obsessed with Fortnite. Including this little girl who is dancing to one of the songs from Fortnite. The game features a bunch of funky dance moves. The winners in this game celebrate their victory by doing one of these dance moves.

This little girl was probably bored by her older brothers playing Fortnite all the time. So, she decides to dance out some of the iconic moves included in the game. As the music plays, the little flips her hair and energetically starts doing the hype. Suddenly, her brother appears out of nowhere to join her. Soon they dance in co-ordination, with energetic punches and kicks in the air.

However, there is more to the act of this dancing brother-sister duo. As the music continues, another brother appears to join them in the dance. And then another! The three brothers dance in perfect coordination and rhythm. You would think they would wrap it up at there. Wrong!

They take some time to do their favorite Fortnite dance moves for a while. It looks like they were having a great time. Sometimes when little sister wants to dance, brothers will just have to do what ideal brothers would do. WATCH their perfectly synchronized dance in the video below!

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