Dad Loses A Competitive Dance Off With His Sleeky Toddler Son

A video on Reddit shared by user gangbangkang went viral and gathered lots of views. The baby in this video amazed everyone with his moves.

The dad and his baby had quite a competition. We may expect the dad to win but this video made us say otherwise. The little baby had his own moves to show. The toddle patiently waits for his dad to finish his dance. It seems like he was carefully inspecting his opponent. A few seconds in, it’s showtime!

Originally posted on Reddit, this adorable dance-off was praised by many. The internet was quite impressed with the little one’s moves with his dad. And, the proud dad’s reaction is just priceless!

The internet keeps giving us wholesome videos and this is one of those everyone must watch. Watch the full video below!

Dad has a dance-off with his baby
byu/gangbangkang inaww

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