Bullied Kid Confronts Bullies In Front Of Entire Class!

Michael Pritchard helps schools students to open up to bullies in a documentary called Happy. Every other child in the class laughed and brushed off when asked to talk about their experience with bullying. But Only one student stood up to share his experience.

The boy talks about his ADHD. He shares his experience with bullying in the school. He was a victim of bullying for crying too much. We can see the negative impacts bullying has on the mental health of the students.

Seeing the courage of the first student, someone else stands up. He was bullied for being the shortest guy in the room. He tries to control his emotions while sharing his experience. But he couldn’t. He pours his heart in front of everybody. And Comedian and youth counselor Michael Pritchard tries to console the kid after his speech. This shows the negative impact bullying has on kids in school.

Besides, Michael has tried his best to make the students laugh and stand up for themselves. This documentary is in fact a must-watch for everyone!

Watch this amazing clip below!

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