Footage Shows Angry Cyclist Headbutting Pedestrian To Ground After Illegally Running Red Light

Road rage has become an everyday topic nowadays. With people rushing to reach their destination, many times one becomes impatient and aggressive. Moreover, most people agree that, in recent times, cyclists have turned into a nuisance. From their dangerous tricks to ignoring traffic rules— Do cyclists think they are above the law?

The following CCTV footage features a road rage incident wherein a furious cyclist attacks an innocent 57-year-old. The lights had turned red and like any responsible citizen, the man was crossing the road when he was supposed to. But a cyclist comes out of nowhere, ignoring the signal and nearly crashes on the man. It is surprising to see the innocent letting it go and the offender coming back to argue!


Thereafter, the cyclist gets off his bike and proceeds to start a quarrel with the man. Seconds later, the cyclist violently headbutts the pedestrian and pushes him further. Then he conveniently rides away after injuring the man.

Later, it is found that the pedestrian had a wound near his eye and his arm suffered ligament damage. The City of London Police has appealed to the public to help identify the needlessly aggressive cyclist.

WATCH how the cyclist mercilessly headbutts the innocent man. The victim struggles in pain as the attacker cycles away.

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