Creepy Old Guy Filmed Hitting on Uncomfortable Teen Girl Shows What Many Young Women Go Through Daily

Invasion of personal space and privacy can be the most frightening thing . Especially if you are all alone minding your business. We hear alot of such stories where creepy individuals hit on repeatedly in hopes of getting a date or number.

Nothing is more cringeworthy than such futile attempts. One of the similar tries was recorded in live streaming of a teenage girl. An 18 -year-old student going by the Tiktok handle, ” maassassin_ on” posted the following videos of an awkward interaction. She looks young, and no doubt the older men knew that too. The teenager was going on with her live-streaming when a stranger asked about the free chair by her side.

Man Keeps Hitting On A Teen Girl

The student politely said he could take the chair. Instead of taking away the chair, the man sits by her side. This sudden nature of the uninvited guest scares the girl a little bit. She tries to question his action.

The older man simply answers as long as the chair is empty; he just wanted to hang out with her. He asks her name and tries to make small talk even though she clearly looks uncomfortable. The 18 year-sold shares she is talking with people on the internet in hopes that he will leave her. But that strategy doesn’t work. Eventually, the man gets up and leaves.

This is scary if you think as a parent. Kindly share this clip around, and always stay safe.