Coyote Secretly Stalks This 5-Yr-Old – Watch What She Does When He Attacks

Unless you’re in the wild, it’s rare that you’d come across a wild animal, say maybe a coyote. And if you ever come across a coyote in your own house, what would you do? Well, that’s exactly what happened to 5-year-old Christine when she was by herself.

Christine was in her driveway checking her mailbox. It was a special day because her Halloween costume was arriving that day. But, since the dress wasn’t there yet, Christine decides to go back inside her home. However, before going straight in, she decides to take a stroll around the backyard. But she can never imagine what’s waiting for her at that exact moment.

While she plays by herself, a giant coyote appears out of nowhere. It is especially uncanny that one encounters a coyote in Chicago, Illinois. And when Christine had a face-to-face with the wild animal, her first reaction was to scream, as loud as she could.

Luckily, all the coyote did was chased her around the tree. She quickly ran inside the house screaming for her life. Thus the coyote could not harm her. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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