We all have problems, but having a roof over your head pretty much solves half of them. Homeless persons living in the street or the back of their vehicle have to devise a plan every day. Where do they sleep? How do they manage a place for their routines? And these sadly are just a few issues, from the severe ones.

Much similar was the condition of an eleven-year-old girl living with her mother inside a car. The family was parked in Huntington Beach, California. When someone made a 911 call. The concerned party explained about a suspicious vehicle loitering in the neighborhood. When the police Officers partner approached the car. They found harmless individuals.

Without any further delay, Officer Zach Price reached out to the Homeless Task Force for help. Such experience with cops can be frightening, especially to little kids. While Zach’s partner was discussing the housing arrangements with the mother. Officer Zach came up with a plan to distract the little girl; a game of hopscotch. It may not look like a lot, but the smile on the girl’s face shares a different story.

Please press play and enjoy this significant step from the caring officer.

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