We all grew up hearing the story of rags and riches and how they hid their gold from the enemy. So, it is only natural that we all had a dream to hunt down these hidden treasures. Even the movie plots were based on such ideology, and indeed people didn’t just come up with such stories.   

It turns out there is more to the tale of the buried wealth, and recent discovery in Spain backs it up. Some workers were installing a waterline in Tomaras, Seville. The construction workers were digging a ditch for the pipeline when they came across strange noise.   

“The machines hit against something that wasn’t normal for this soil. They immediately stopped working to investigate, said Vallejo.”  

Construction Workers Accidentally Stumble Upon an Ancient Jar - Take a Pick Inside the Treasure

Everyone was stunned to discover amphoras filled with ancient coins. A total of 19 jars were all filled to the brim with coins veiled safely under the soil. The discovery was sent to Seville’s archaeology department.   

Navarro, the head, stated, “The coins are worth several million in Euros. Most of them were newly coined and bathed in silver than bronze.”   

The inscriptions made in the coins suggest its origin back to the 3rd century. Out of the 19 jugs, ten were broken during the construction, but the remaining nine were safe and untouched.   

Please enjoy this bizarre find of ancient Roman treasure.   

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