Owner Plays Peekaboo With Her Cockatoo. Listen to His Hysteric Reply.

We love playing peekaboo with little babies and probably even our dogs. But have you ever played this game with a bird? Me neither! The woman in the video, Abigail Aberegg, is a lucky one! You’re going to melt when you see how her adorable cockatoo plays peekaboo with her! This is the cutest thing I have seen today!

When a bird is as flamboyant as a cockatoo, you can rarely expect him to be good at hiding. But this sulfur-crested cockatoo tires his best nonetheless. He engages in a cute round of peekaboo with his owner and it is beyond adorable. Abigail is really amused with his antics and I am sure you are going to be amused as well! I wish I could play with this birdie too!


Watch the video below! Don’t you want to join in? Let us know in the comments section!

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