We use different safety measures just to ensure our car won’t get in the wrong hand. Why wouldn’t we? When Over 770,000 drivers lose their vehicle each year. It looks badass in the film to steal some’s car with some magic tricks with wire. But, in reality, it’s a costly damage to the vehicle owner.

So, hearing there is a new prank in the town to vehicle thief, we can’t help but laugh with joy. Ray Taylor living in Wolverhampton, UK, got a perfect idea to give these scumbags a taste of their own medicine.

An Electrician Taylor put his profession in good use when his £5,000 worth of gear was lost from his vehicle. He then took a couple of years to come up with a new security system where he gave a 1,000-volt shock to any thief who tried to open the door. According to the police, this method is perfectly legal and could be used on a daily basis. However, he needs to put a clear sign in the vehicle that read: ‘Danger Live Terminals.’

This electric security turns up with the siren fitted at his Citroen Dispatch of the vehicle. Taylor reckons:

 “It’s solved all my problems, so I can sleep easy.”

After the success of his invention, Taylor has patented this design. Anyone who wishes to use this system must pay him £380, period. This is what we call when one door is stolen, another shocking door opens.

Tyler further ensures the safety of the system, stating:

‘The shock isn’t going to do any lasting damage, but it will make you jump a bit.”

If your car was broken in, you know how vital this security system can be. Tell us your thoughts. Would you ever use it?