Cheerleader’s “Optical Illusion” Routine Will Go Down in School’s History

People often associate cheerleading as something that is done in the sidelines in a football game. But in fact, cheer has transformed into a highly competitive team sport. Moreover, the routines, which include tumbling, jumping, and stunts can be pretty intense.

But this cheer squad took their homecoming assembly to a whole new level! The students of MIHS take their cheerleading very seriously. So, for their homecoming, the cheer squad decided to do something that would blow everyone away. And it is not your typical drill! We can feel the excitement as students make noise for the cheer team entering the hall in a line. The girls in maroon and white create a square formation and kneel on the ground. What they do next is mesmerizing!

mihs drill dance

The music starts, and the girls make a wave using their bodies. This is fascinating, but the best is yet to come! They turn in different directions and fall on the floor like a set of dominoes. Moreover, they lay on the ground and start making synchronized moves with their arms and legs.

Can you believe that this is a performance by teenagers? Furthermore, their optical illusion dance comes to full effect when they make an impeccable straight line. Watch the video belowand please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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