Babysitting dog never had to be taught how to love his tiny human sibling

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend, and they are unbelievably loyal to their owners. They will always put you and your family before their own selves, and this has been proved time and again over the years. They also treat your family like their own pack, and treat your children like one of their own. Some dog breeds tend to behave much better around children than other breeds. For instance, while pit bulls tend to have a bad reputation, they were originally said to be “Nanny dogs”, because they are so good around babies!

The beagle in the following video definitely has a soft spot for kids. Charlie the Beagle isn’t your average dog. He is also the perfect babysitter for his family! His owners have taught him some stunning tricks. He was taught how to rock the baby in her cradle and even to put a blanket over the child to keep her nice and snug. But there was one thing that Charlie never had to be taught how to do.

His owners never had to teach him how to love their baby. He was naturally very loving towards the little girl. He must have also considered her to be his family—a new member in his pack. You can see how much he adores the girl. His eyes say it all in the way they follow her every move and gesture. The parents must have been really moved by his love for their little one!

Check out this amazing video below:

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