Man vandalizes a store twice in a row. But karma has something very special in store for him

Do you believe in instant karma? Well, if you don’t, maybe this video will help change your minds. The video is a perfect example of when you do bad things to others; it follows you. And it will honestly satisfy your heart.

What we see in the video is a man walking up to a neighboorhood shop and vandalizing the place. He picks up a brick and pounds at the window without any care. And even continue to break the rest of the glasses with his bare hands.

man breaks glasses

A passerby sees all this and tries to confront him. But the man becomes more aggressive and starts fighting the guy instead. The stopper backs off as the man continues to break the window. As soon as he stops, he tries making a run. But that is when karma struck him. While trying to escape, the destroyer attempts to cross the street. But to his surprise, a vehicle comes speeding off and hits him.

According to the owners of the shop, the man broke the windows of the shop twice. And the man who was trying to stop him called the police when he couldn’t do it. The man was taken straight to the hospital after the incident with some minor injuries.

WATCH the video below to see how bad karma can be.

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