Poor Cat is Terrified When He Sees This on the Bed. His Confusion is Clear on His Cute Face!

Cats are adorable creatures. But they can be distant, cold, and aloof most of the time. These behaviors depict them as someone who does not scare easy. But the truth? These tiny furballs are frightened of almost anything! For example; apples. Yep, you heard me right. Your terrifying cat is afraid of tiny apples! If you need proof, watch the video below!

I am not really sure why those apples are set in the middle of the bed, but the reaction of this cute cat when he sees them is priceless! He really must hate fruits. This poor guy is visibly alarmed by those motionless fruits, and he runs around trying to understand what is going on. The background music goes really well with the video too!

Watch this hilarious battle in the clip below! Be sure to share your thoughts about it in the comments section!

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