Owners took their dog along to the shelter to pick out a cat. And now they are best friends!

Dogs and cats are said to be natural enemies. They sure do have very different personalities. But these two are best friends are bending the rules of nature! The pupper in question even accompanied her owners to go pick out her new feline sibling.

Raven is a Tamaskan pup with the most adorable eyes. You could get lost in those puppy eyes forever! And it was with the very same peepers that she saw and instantly fell in love with a kitten named Woodhouse. Furthermore, the friends who are only two weeks apart hit it off immediately. Additionally, from playing to napping, they do everything together.

raven and woodhouse friends

The best friends who even have the same colored coats are pieces of the same puzzle. Not to mention, both of them are always up for a cuddle. In fact, humans should learn something from the pair. I mean, everyone would benefit if we just put our differences aside and love unconditionally. Watch the video of the two companions below:

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