Blind Doggo Leans to This Cat for Comfort and This Is How She Reacts

If you have pets or love animals, you must know the concept “Guide Dog”. They provide all sorts of assistance, and most common being the “Seeing eye”. These canine companions are specially trained to lead and help the visually impaired in their everyday life tasks.

But what happens when it’s the dog that blind? Well, it’s the other way around. Although we do not specifically receive any exceptional coaching. We can always learn to take care. The adorable canine in the video below is Bruce. Due to a history of diabetes, Bruce, little by little, went blind. Now, he has to rely on his sense of smell and hearing to get around.

The family also owns a fuzzy white cat, “Jim”. When the feline figured the whole situation. He took it upon himself to be Bruce’s eyes. They are inseparable and enjoy each other’s company. Jim could care less about the age-old rivalry stories. Whenever they are not playing in the yard, the two best buddies snuggle and keep each other warm.

Please press play and enjoy this heartwarming video.

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