Owner Wants to Go Out With His Cat – But His Cat’s Reaction Left Me in Stitches!

Dogs are generally pretty easy to predict compared to their feline buddies. Dogs are one of the most liveliest and energetic species, while on the other hand, cats? So lazy! They are masters of the art of chill. They spend much of the day sleeping or lounging around, and they can be quite content with a few hours of playtime each day. Cats also tend to be quite independent, so they don‘t generally require a lot of attention or stimulation from their owners.

That independence shows in another way, too: cats will typically do only what they want to do. One day they can be dying to go out and play, and the other day they go and hide in a trench and ignore you with all their might. The cat in the following video is the best example!

His owner wants to take him out for a walk, but this cat is having none of it. Monkey the cat is not is the mood to go for a walk as he so clearly displays to his dad. He wants to avoid it at all costs and he is going to leave you floored with what he does! This cat could be in line for the Oscars…such a good actor!

Watch Monkey and his antics in the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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