Fast-Food Cashier’s Small Act Of Kindness Results In Big Reward

A small act of kindness can really bring a big change in someone’s life. What we think is small can be big and even life-changing for others.

This is the story of Travis Sattler. He works at Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers in Katy, Texas. The man has been working there to sustain his living as well as to fund his nursing school. One fine day, he came through a little boy with crumpled bills in his hand. He wanted to buy some Oreos for himself. However, he was a few dollars short.

Travis did not hesitate to bring out his own credit card and pay for the boy. The boy happily went away with his treat. After a while, the boy and his mother came to him with a note and left. The note had a hundred-dollar bill attached to it. Likewise, it said, “Thank you for being so nice and paying for my concrete. We need more people like you!”.

It’s always nice to be treated well when you treat others well. Watch the full video below!

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