The vintage sardonic tv shows, for instance, The Carol Burnett Show, one of the many to age like a fine wine. Famous for its hilarious parodies, the genius actors. The audience loved the live sketch and pretty soon became a household name.

The sitcom was successful in winning over different generations. In just eleven years on air, the program won many prestigious awards like Golden Globes and The Emmy’s. One of their famous sketches is titled “The Dentist.” It also remains one of the hysterical episodes to this date.

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman did such a great job that one of the colleagues ended up breaking the character mid-way through the show. The sketch is about a patient troubled with his bad toothache, Korman. On an early Sunday morning, he goes to his regular dentist; however, the doctor is out.

But the doctor’s nephew, recently graduate Conway, is the only one available for the day. Though hesitant, the desperate patient lays down on the chair. Being a fresh graduate, the dentist even goes further to pull out a manual. I hope you find this show funny. In times like this, we need it the most. Please share your favorite episodes from The Carol Burnett Show.

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