It’s sad that even in 2020, people still abuse animals for entertainment. And circuses are the biggest contributors to this type of mistreatment. Unfortunately, some people think about money before they value another being’s life. But a shocking video surfaced on the internet that has crossed all lines!

A horrifying image of a Kangaroo with a tutu on was uploaded to an animal rights Instagram page. The photo was taken from a YouTube video and has since gone viral. In it, a ringmaster handles a Kangaroo that has on a ballet attire. And it is so heartbreaking.

kangaroo circus torture

Sadly, about 70 million people still attend these Russian-circuses. Moreover, you can see that the Kangaroo does not want to be part of the act at all. It even fights with the people who try to control it in the pit. It’s so sad that these wild animals have to tolerate abuse and captivity. I hope that one day our world will be full of compassion, and we will not see this kind of crime anymore. You can watch the video below:

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