Bullied boy gets a surprise from classmates, can’t stop crying tears of joy

The number of kids and teens getting bullied is increasing with each passing moment. With more and more people suffering from mental disorders like depression, anxiety, etc., bullying plays a major role in causing these. It is our duty to spread awareness about bullying and its long-lasting effects on the victim. Moreover, an act of kindness can create ripples of more kindness. Thus, doing a little to make someone smile is free but worth so much more.

Azzy Robinson, a 15-year-old boy from Tennessee was a victim of bullying in his old school. He would sleep all the time, perhaps to forget about the trauma he went through each day. His mother laments about him becoming reclusive. However, after he switched to Laverne High School, things changed for the better.

Azzy had no idea what was going on when two of his classmates approached him with gifts. One of them got him a pair of Nike sneakers while the other got him new clothes. Not used to such kindness, Azzy could not control his tears and could barely whisper his gratitude. His classmates reassured him that the gifts were nothing as compared to his generosity and all that he’s done for the class.

WATCH the wholesome video of Azzy’s new friends showering him with the love he deserves. For once, Azzy feels good to be himself!

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