Woman spotted mean looking cougar on garage roof, screams on the phone as she calls 911

Imagine walking out to take a breather and spotting a dangerous, wild animal looking at you! One of our wildest nightmares indeed. But one lady went through it all…only to get a surprise towards the end. Heartfelt sympathies to her terrified state on being watched over by this huge ‘animal’!

It was a typical Monday morning for Alysha Sifford from Oregon, a cougar-heavy state. But when she stepped out for a smoke break, she saw a giant ‘cougar’ staring at her. She added that it looked mad and watched her continuously for a minute. The media blew up warning people for a particularly mean-looking ‘cougar’. However, when Alysha’s neighbor, John Forrest heard about the havoc, he couldn’t help but giggle.

Forrest explained that the ‘cougar’ is actually a resin lion that he mounted on his roof. It is a marketing gimmick for Treasures Trondhjem, his antique business which has been booming since he put up the fake lion. People who’ve only seen pictures online called him out for photoshopping the animal on his roof. Later, he posted a picture of the stuffed lion next to his dog so that people can believe him.

The local police have heaved a sigh of relief, knowing there’s no actual threat. They assured that Forrest is not doing anything illegal.

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